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Fusion - All-In-One System for Small Businesses/Clubs in Manchester

About Project Fusion

Project Fusion is our in-house fully custom developed Content Management System (like Wordpress) that will give a complete package for small businesses in the Manchester Region to start with. Phase 1 is now complete with phase 2 starting in the next few weeks.
We built this system for 2 main reasons.

1) We wanted to provide businesses with a nice and easy to use interface without it having a ton of information that you just don't need.

2) To have a complete All-In-One system without having to use a lot of addons that are made by other people that might not be what you want.

Project Fusion phase 1 has the following features:

  • Content Management Drive Site
  • Blog System
  • Portfolio System
  • Services System
  • SEO System
  • Analytics System
  • Newsletter System
  • Gallery System
  • Events System
  • F.A.Q System
  • Automatic Database Backup System
  • Staff Listing System

Phase 2 will have the following:

  • Online Booking System
  • E-Commerce System (Shopping Cart)
  • Social Integration
  • Survey System
  • More Detailed Analytic Reports
  • Automated Reporting System
  • Support System

For more information about how Project Fusion is progressing, please go to our blog.

Demo Site
(coming soon)

Contact Us

We will soon be making Phase 1 available and we will be doing a very special limited time price for the first five businesses. If you are wishing to find out more information about this then please contact us and once we ae ready we will send an email to the 1st five businesses that have contacted us. So don't miss out!